Mini Greenhouse

These greenhouses are great because you can start your own plants from seed, and you can also extend your season through the winter (more on this below).  Start any plants for your summer garden inside and then transplant them out.  Good winter crops to grow inside the greenhouse are: beets, carrots, turnips, cabbage, kale, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, salad mix, and any other frost hardy vegetable.  These plants are more tolerant to cold temperatures and frost.  The key to having veggies through the winter is to have them at their harvesting size before the first frost in mid-October.  This means sowing the seeds in  early to mid-August.  You can also get a head start on summer veggies like tomatoes, basil and peppers by planting your earliest rotation in the greenhouse.  Four Season Harvest by Elliot Colman is a great book to read regarding season extension. Be sure to tether your greenhouse with several of these or it will blow away!




Download instructions and build your own:

Mini greenhouse details/ Materials list

Mini Greenhouse Construct.doc


5 responses to “Mini Greenhouse

    • The cool thing about this green house is that it is scaleable. I could imaging one building a 2’x5′ version of the green house that could be placed over potted plants (greens). The trick is to find pvc pipe that is flexible enough to provide a high arch to allow space for the plants to grow! Good luck!

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