Community Gardens

Our community gardening program searches for communities who would like to grow their own food, but do not have access to land for growing and who would otherwise not be able to afford organic vegetables.  NCP works within the community to help secure land, find other interested people, find funding, and create a structure around the garden for community ownership.  Each family that signs up for a garden plot recieves a small piece of land to tend for a small fee.  Currently, there are 4 gardens that we have helped organize in Harrisonburg, with a fifth in the works for 2011.  We have worked with a local trailer court of latino immigrants, a church congregation with a diverse community in need surrounding it, a small park in the city to provide free vegetables for anyone, and in high crime areas.   We receive donated plants and seeds each spring from Radical Roots Farm and local greenhouses that are then planted and grown without chemicals in each plot.  With conditions such as diabetes on the rise, community gardens grow healthy food, lower food costs for families on tight budgets, allow diverse communities opportunities to connect, lower crime rates, cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning, provide beauty within a neighborhood, and lower food costs all while reclaiming a piece of the earth back to healthy soil. If you are interested in starting a community garden, please contact us at