Sustainable and Local Food

Our food programs work in Harrisonburg/ Rockingham county communities to provide freshly grown vegetables using basic hand tools, connecting with underserved populations, providing meaningful exciting work for those in need, and educating about the importance of growing our own food.  Our programs provide hands on experience growing, tending, harvesting and eating fresh vegetables.  The current food system disempowers us to know where our food is coming from, how it was grown, how were the workers treated, and how far has it traveled.  As a result, our food is shipped an average of 1,200 miles from farm to grocery store, chemical fertilizers are contaminating our bodies and our soils, diabetes and obesity are at their highest levels in history, and people are not healthy.  We hope to empower our local community to ask questions when they are buying food and to not buy food that has been grown unsustainably.  Our model of growing demonstrates that anyone can grow their own food, with minimal resources, time, and space.  Our urban farm is less than half an acre and provides enough food to sell at our local farmers market and to several local restaurants while also leaving some for us to cook in our own meals.  Each small community garden plot saves a family money while providing them with the highest quality food around and an activity to participate in together.  We believe that access to healthy food is a basic human right for all, and that we can create a vibrant local food system in Harrisonburg.