About Vine & Fig

earth_upsidedown_clear.pngOur vision and mission: NCP seeks to cultivate and celebrate works of mercy, social justice, and ecological sustainability as the foundation for a nonviolent way of life. We believe all people can be transformed and become instruments of God’s peace, justice and care for creation. 


Who we are: Vine and Fig is both a community and non-profit organization located in Harrisonburg, Virginia in an undeserved neighborhood. Discarded and dumped upon by neglect and contamination, it contains one of Virginia’s most polluted streams, endured continual flooding through a damaged watershed, and was the site of two crack houses. With this foundation, and the love of many friends, we renovated three houses, began stream restoration on Blacks Run, tended and tilled the soils, and have created interconnected gardens. Our efforts include creating green space for children, energy efficient homes, installing solar panels and solar food dryers, a biomass hot water heater, a cob oven, building greenhouses and a pond, and planting fruit trees. 

Our model of social change is through an ongoing process of personal transformation, community constructive programs, and nonviolent action to transform systems of violence, racism, and exploitation. Seeking God’s mercy and wisdom, we join hands with others to create a vision of hope for the future and build a neighborhood and world we wish to say “YES” to. 

 NCP facilitates various projects the world over that promote living more sustainably with the earth and more fairly with its people. This work includes:

  • learning tours in various parts of the world

  • sustainable initiatives

  • speakers and workshops for schools, congregations, and others

  • solidarity workers

  • a support network with a special interest in empowering youth  and young adults

  • and more…

Check out their website at http://www.NewCommunityProject.org/.


  • Cornelius Frantz
  • Shauna Frantz
  • Irma Perrez
  • Melissa Howard

  • Tom Benevento

  • Rachel Sarah Blanton Melas

  • Nicolas Melas Febres



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