Peace, Justice, Ecology.

earth_upsidedown_clear.pngWhat exactly do we do? 

  • 1. We work to create a safe, sober, and supportive community for people coming out of difficult life circumstances and trauma. In two of our homes, we offer housing and a “sanctuary of support” for up to eight people who struggle with homelessness and have been sober for at least six months. Through coordination with refugee resettlement office, our third home offers housing to refugee families fleeing from the violence of war. We also host interns for a summer or a one year term to join us in learning and services.
  • 2. We are an experimental and public educational center for just and sustainable living practices. We seek solutions to one of humanities most urgent questions; How can we live a life of Joy and abundance that does not destroy the earth, increase climate chaos, and cause injustice to others? We experiment in energy conservation renewable energy, permaculture, agroecology, green building, conflict meditation and restorative circles. We offer workshops, tours, and experiential service-learning for schools, universities, churches and clubs.
  • 3.We organize community constructive projects of peace, justice, and ecology in Harrisonburg and beyond. Projects follow a transition town justice model and include; community gardens in underserved neighborhoods, muddy bikes market garden, the neighborhood orchard, everyday bikes community bicycle shop, and the north end greenway bicycle pedestrian path.

Vine and Fig, through NCP is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization Donations are always welcome! Make checks payable to Vine and Fig/ New Community Project. Thank you! 


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