Current NCP Projects!

earth_upsidedown_clear.pngWhat they are and What they do

How to get involved: Please contact us at Vine and Fig, 715 North Main Street, Harriosnburg, Virginia Tel: 540-432-3696

  • North end Greenway- NCP has been working to establish a bicycle and pedestrian path. Allowing access to the neighborhoods to create a easier route for bikers while promoting sustainable living. 
  • Renew Rocktown- NCP is working to establish climate action with the the city of Harrisonburg. This includes: the work of the region food systems, energy efficacy, renewable energy, water conservation and waste, sustainable transportation, and art education. 
  • Linneville creek sanctuary garden- NCP has been creating a family and market garden for immigrants and refugees to get involved with the community. 
  • Everyday Bikes-NCP is a project to create a community bicycle shop that works to repair and recycle bicycles for people in need who don’t have the resources they need to get transportation. Riding a bicycle around town is a great way to engage with your community, get exercise, and help to ease greenhouse gas emissions.

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