Salad, Preschoolers and a New Name


Greetings all! This is the first of our regular blog updates since the opening of the Sustainable Living Homestead. The first one will be a general overview to catch you up on what’s going on, but future blogs may be more specific and vary in content since we will have multiple authors sharing their perspectives.

As of April 12th, the white house located at 715 North Main Street gain occupancy after undergoing extensive renovations, and now seven residents are transforming this house into a home one family dinner at a time. Since we have only lived here for two weeks now we are still sorting out the weekly schedule, but some of the house events throughout the week include a well-being meeting, noble silence, beautification, individual prayer/meditation time as well as Shabbat meal and celebration on Fridays. We have been blessed by the surrounding community with their presence at shared meals, their musical talents at bonfires, laundry detergent making skills, and, of course, cookies among many other things.

Secondly, our gardens are growing not only because of each individual plant but also because we keep building more beds! We now have a spiral garden nestled in a sun trap out front bordering a rain garden as well as a greenhouse, a mandala garden with keyholes and eleven 50 ft. beds in the backyard. Just this past week we had our first sale of the season harvesting 40 lbs of salad mix (from one bed)! We’ve had many generous volunteers come and join us with shovels and pick axes in hand – a big shout-out of thanks to all who have helped!

Quick Story: Just this Saturday morning I was surprised to have one of our frequent volunteers join me at 7:00 am during my morning watering ritual. What a blessing it was to have the much appreciated help and the sharing of stories. May we all be curious and excited to understand one another through the spirit of love. Okay, one more quick story. For the first time a group of preschoolers came to the site to experience, learn, and have fun. Not only did I find joy in connecting the children with the earth, but the field trip was also a success for all those involved; teachers, parents, children, and volunteers.

Lastly – we have a new name!!! Due to the constant confusion between our organization, New Community Project (NCP), and a separate but cooperating organization, Our Community Place (OCP), located just a block away, we are adapting a new name for the local chapter of NCP. We will be calling ourselves…drum role please… Spring Village!

As we build our community we hope, through these shared experiences, that you find meaning, inspiration, solidarity, and love that resonates inside of you. May we all know we are loved and feel supported when we are at our weakest. Go bravely and boldly in the direction of your dreams and be comforted in this blessed unrest.




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