Progress at the Sustainability Center

We have been plugging away here doing renovations at our new sustainable living center. Rough carpentry, exterior trim, siding, soffit vents, all done! We had much excitement with our borrowed lift / boom, a prudent safety precaution as we wrapped the aluminum trim in high corners. It goes higher than the house where you can see over every rooftop around! Siding work has not increased our love for vinyl, but the section we did in long-lasting fiber-cement board turned out not to last through a flying greenhouse. In the recent windstorm last friday, the house held up fine, but we discovered the importance of anchoring your greenhouse. While most of the greenhouses we have built were attached to the ground with rebar stakes, we had left those out of this particular greenhouse so it could be easily movable. Unfortunately, we failed to properly tether it down, and it got picked up in the storm and tossed into the house. Better ours than someone else’s, eh?

The only major tree limb to fall managed to just barely miss both our house, our neighbor’s house, and our new cistern, thankfully. We’ve been especially thankful for our interns, Taylor and Meg, who have taken the day-to-day work of garden oversight as the house is completed. Matt Carson has returned from Occupy Wall Street to join us for a month before teaching at the Woolman School in California. Tom is off to the Dominican Republic leading a New Community Project Learning Tour.

Meanwhile, electric and plumbing are going in the house and insulation should be complete within the next few weeks.

Feel free to stop by and volunteer or just check in on the progress Tuesday-Thursday!