Cistern Workshop Recap


Our Ferrocement Cistern Workshop is complete and one cistern is complete and New Community Project staff and volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the second (1200 gallon).  9 workshop participants – including masons, carpenters, farmers, environmentalists and homesteaders – joined us at NCP’s Sustainable Living Education Center for a 2-day workshop led by community-member and engineer Johann Zimmermann.  Johann shared with us the knowledge he has accumulated over the years building rainwater catchment cisterns across Africa and Central America.  Ferrocement is a construction technique that depends on a metal form embedded within the cement to contain the pressure of the water, and so requires far less cement than a reinforced concrete tank.  This technique suits us well because cement production is a very energy-intensive process.  We are excited to soon be catching, storing and watering veggies with rainwater from the roof, and reducing runoff and our demand on the municipal water supply.  When all is said and done, our storage capacity will be nearly 1500 gallons! (Photo album)