Better Together: We showed the city our love…

Well, folks, we did it!  We showed our love for Harrisonburg and our support for the Northend Greenway.  What’s more, it seemed clear to the 150+ of us packing the council chambers that our councilors felt it.  The City will be remembering last night for a while.

They were impressed by our presence and our presentation.  We heard each one of the city council members speak out in favor of the Northend Greenway last evening.  Our Mayor, Richard Baugh, even said that he knows that a lot of people will use this path from day one and he wants to “prioritize this particular project.”  He recognizes that this path meets the transportation needs of this community in a unique and critical way.

This was a key moment to show the city our priorities for our community.  Our presence last night will stick in our Council’s memory as they move into budget season. In his response last night, Councilor Kai Degner noted the timeliness of our presentation within this funding process.  As we move forward, we hope that he and others on City Council continue to be willing to put their energy to work with the efforts of the broad cross-section of this community represented by the Northend Greenway.

We’re eager to keep working closely with local government and the community to make the Greenway a reality.  Harrisonburg has made significant progress toward developing a “bike-friendly” reputation in the past five years.  With national and international awards coming our way recently, the time is now for the city to build on a growing national reputation.  We hope that the City is willing to “drop the pedal” on community-supported infrastructure by contributing significantly to provide safe, family-friendly, healthy, fun, and affordable transportation routes for our diverse community.

Last night was a success, and we couldn’t have done it without you.  Your support continues to surprise and encourage us.  Parents, students, retirees, toddlers (like the little ones who took to the dais last night!), avid cyclists, and casual walkers alike — you are the energy behind the Northend Greenway.  Together, we can make Harrisonburg an easier, safer, more connected, and healthier place to live.

Better together,
Lars, for your Steering Committee

The Northend Greenway is an initiative supported by the New Community Project


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