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Progress at the Sustainable Living Center and Urban Farm has been slow but steady through the summer months. With some serious effort, the bare grass and piles of building debris in the front and back yards have given way to garden beds and fruit trees. The permaculture design that was born on paper in the early spring has found roots on the ground at the property and you can find the results in a beautiful green space around the house.  We have also managed the task of sorting and storing all of our donated and salvaged building materials on the site.

We have finished all of the demolition work in the house and stabilized all of the walls. The new standing seam metal roof is completed, and the windows are in as well, so the house is weather proof and sound. A few obstacles have come up during the early stages of the remodeling process. The most significant was the news that we are required to have a fire sprinkler system installed in the house. This has substantially increased our projected cost. We are still looking for any assistance folks can offer in helping out this community-funded project.

The action is about to pick up in the coming couple months as the permitting process comes to a close and the serious carpentry starts. Please keep an ear out because we will need as many helpers as we can scrape together this fall including some skilled carpenters, electricians and plumbers.

Thanks again to all those who have helped out and checked in on us over the year. We will continue to be in touch.

To volunteer or make a donation to the building fund please contact NCP


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