Renovation Kickoff Workday! Saturday, November 20th from 8:30-4:00

Volunteers needed! @ NCP Sustainable Living Center and Urban Farm

What we will do:

  • Build interior walls
  • Prep garden beds for next season
  • Level the floor in the living/ dining rooms
  • Reframe the windows on the front of the house
  • Reinforcing the exterior wall
  • Have a great meal together
  • Relocate an exterior door
  • Permaculture design work
  • Celebrate the kickoff of the Sustainable Living Center!!!!

More Info:

New Community Project needs volunteers to help create Harrisonburg’s first Sustainable Living Center and Urban Farm at 715 N. Main Street. The center is both a supportive urban homestead for those in need in our community and an experiential learning site for the broader public. Our goal is to link sustainable living practices and social justice concerns as the foundation for community building and peacemaking. The site demonstrates and experiments in permaculture design, organic gardening techniques, energy efficiency, solar energy, low carbon foot print, water catchment, green technologies, and ecosystem restoration. We are currently remodeling the house on our site and need your support. We need volunteers to build walls, install electric and plumbing, build kitchen cabinets, refinish floors, install drywall, paint, provide food, tile floors and clean. We also need donations to purchase building materials!

Contact Us:

If you are interested in supporting this work by volunteering please contact our green building coordinator Aaron Johnston at or call 540-236-8505


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